Chicago, IL 3-11 at Cullerton and Morgan October 9th, 1988

Another set of amazing images submitted by Photographer John Tulipano…John was able to capture Chicago firefighters at a commercial structure fire that went to a 3-11. Here’s Johns recall of the incident that took place many years ago.  John’s image of Chicago Squad-1 made the cover of Firehouse magazine in May of 1989. Thanks John for the great photos!


“I took this fire in from Hoffman Estates as soon as I heard the still and box. (thank God there was no traffic on the Kennedy Expressway). This was a vacant 6 story factory 200×150 they had heavy fire on 5th and 6th floors when I arrived.

There were several special calls that eventually brought ALL (6) TL’s to the scene and all (6) were set-up and working simultaneously. They would use 6-TL’s, 2-Ladder Pipes and 1 Snorkel along with several handlines to bring this fire under control. TL39,TL21 were set on Morgan street. TL14 in rear off morgan next to Trk 4. Squad 1 was at the corner of Cullerton and Morgan. TL10,TL62 and TL23 were set-up along Morgan Street.

I was lucky enough that the shot with the nose of squad 1 in the fireground and the corner of the building with heavy fire was on the cover of Firehouse magazine in May of 1989.   More photos continued on John’s website…  

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