21 videos show chaos surrounding Yarnell Hill Fire deaths

On Saturday the Arizona State Forestry Division posted new videos of the Yarnell Hill Fire in which 19 Firefighters lost their lives.  The videos include audio transmissions between the Firefighting teams.  In one of the first videos you can hear a voice stating that the wind has shifted.  In another video you can hear a radio communication in which someone says the fire was in a horseshoe type shape and the middle was going to get chaotic.  Take a look for yourself following the link below to the videos.  Never forget and learning from these situations is the best way to honor the fallen 19.  A link to the videos can be found here.  Video clips posted by Forestry Division

azcentral.com - The Arizona State Forestry Division posted 21 video clips on its website on Saturday that offer little new insight on the last moments of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the 19 firefighters who died battling the Yarnell Hill Fire on June 30, 2013.

Arizona State Forestry Division

Arizona State Forestry Division

“The video clips, shot by other firefighters, take place in the moments before the Granite Mountain Hotshots were overtaken by the fire and progress to the point where their bodies were discovered. The bodies have been edited out…Continue Reading Here

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