911 Call, Fireground Audio, Helmet Cam Video: Stockton, CA Working a Dwelling Fire

Video which includes fireground audio, helmet cam footage, and the initial 911 call in Stockton, CA was posted by StocktonFireHistory and description is below.

“Stockton Firefighters responded to a two story, single family dwelling on fire on October 24th, 2018. The first 9-1-1 caller stated that people might be inside the structure, other callers stated that everyone was out. Engine 9 arrived on scene to fire showing from the ‘D’ side, second story. Firefighters worked efficiently to pull attack hose lines, throw ladders, get a water supply, and ensure that the fire was extinguished as soon as possible. Though the fire was out within ten minutes of the 9-1-1 call, firefighters stayed on scene conducting overhaul for another hour and half (removing burned debris, opening walls and ceilings, and ensuring that the fire was completely out). Stockton firefighters work extremely hard to provide the best service to our City through professional operations and aggressive firefighting. We are proud to serve the citizens and City of Stockton, California. We thank you for your views, support, feedback, and comments. Comments that contain profanity, incite controversy, or are intended to ‘troll’ will be deleted. We can not express enough that this video is intended to educate the public on what Stockton Firefighters must encounter- not host a platform for people to argue about personal issues or the fire service. We reserve the right to delete comments as we see fit. Points Of Interest for other firefighters: • Reading the window pattern from the street would indicate several bedrooms on the ‘A’ side, second story. The window pattern was in fact: closet, bathroom, closet. The majority of the fire showing to the street (on the ‘A’ side) was originating from a closet found late in the firefighter. This gave the appearance to Command that interior firefighters were not making progressive when, in fact, they had almost extinguished all of the fire on the second story. • With the body of fire wholly on the second floor, the fire self-venting out of the second floor, and the first floor completely clear- Firefighters pulled their attack lines through the front door and to the foot of the interior stairs where they then masked up. This is a ‘common sense’ approach considering the first floor interior was not in any way IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health). This allowed firefighters to deploy their hose lines more efficiently into the house before they charged them, making the abrupt turn at the stairs much easier to manage.”

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