Another Fire Vehicle Struck at Accident Scene This Week

Yet another fire apparatus vehicle was struck this week.  This time it happened on December 17, 2015 in Oconee County, South Carolina.  Here is details and photos of the accident that were posted to the Oconee County Emergency Services Facebook Page.  Photos are from that fecebook page as well.  Slow Down, and Stay Alert

“Shortly after 1 pm today volunteers with Pickett Post-Camp Oak and the HazMat Team were alerted to an accident on N. Hwy 11 in the area of Walhalla High School. Crews were able to quickly control a diesel fuel leak from the 18- wheelers saddle tanks. As crews were redirecting traffic around the incident scene, the second wreck occurred. A vehicle traveling south on the highway drove into the scene striking the parked truck and causing a firefighter to jump from the roadway. The truck was parked to block, the firefighter was wearing protective clothing (including a brightly colored vest) and road cones were in place in the roadway. We cannot stress how dangerous it is for personnel to operate at these types of incidents, because of passing drivers being distracted by tasks other than moving over and passing safely through the work zone. Please help us to keep our team safe so they can provide the help that is needed.”

Oconee County_South Carolina_Apparatus Struck_Photos_

Oconee County_South Carolina_Apparatus Struck_Photos_

Oconee County_South Carolina_Apparatus Struck_Photos_

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  1. We need to have stiff penalties for distracted driving. Obviously this person could have killed someone and if they had what would the result be? Speeding? Reckless driving? Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle parked in the roadway?

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