Arrival Video: Cheektowaga, NY House Fire With Fireground Audio

Raw video of companies arriving to a fire thru the roof in Cheektowaga, NY.  The video was posted by Erie County New York Incidents and description is posted below.

Cheektowaga NY
PD on scene with a working fire. 
U-Crest 9-2 arrives to fire through roof of a 2 story split-level dwelling. 
Crews make entry to 2nd floor but are forced back for heavy fire conditions and 
water issues. Command pulls all crews out for Master Stream Operations.
Interior Operations resume for overhaul.
2 -1¾” & 1 -2½” Lines in use
ON Scene:
U-Crest: Engines 1 & 2, Ladder 6 & Rescue 7
Forks: Engine 1; Rescue RIT: Engine 2 & Ladder 6
Hy-View Engine 2 stand by at U-Crest
Damages: $ 120K
11-11-2014 – Time Out: 03:31 hrs

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