Arrival Video: FDNY Battles 3 Alarm Fire in Manhattan

Video Posted by FDNY Response Videos shows FDNY Companies Battling a 3 Alarm Restaurant Fire.  Description of the video is below.

“Arrived within 2-5 minutes of the 10-75. The Scene was intense, sorry for the shakiness, but in some ways it adds to the natural feel of the video. Fire Location: 200 East 85th Street off 3rd Avenue Fire began in a restaurant, spread throughout a 3 story 20×80 Class 3 OMO [21:40] MD: To E-22, B-10 Now receiving the adress 1505 3rd Avenue off of East 85 Street, fire in the store [21:40] E-22: Engine 22 to Manhattan, 10-75 the box, we’ll get back to you with an adress and a night and size up, just give it as 3rd and east 85th street on the east side [21:41] E-22: E-22 to manhattan with an Urgent, Give us an extra Engine and Truck, we have a fire in the top floor in an approximately 20×80 [21:41] B-10: We’re gonna go with the adress 200 East 85th street B-10 Fire in the duct Maybe: E-22,44,39,53,23s/c L-13,16,43(Fast),25s/c B-10,8 R-1 Sq-41 D-3 Rac-1 D-3 2nd Alarm @21:59 2nd Alarm E-74,91,76 E-9 w/ Sat. 1 L-22,26s/c,2s/c B-9(Safety) B-12(RUL) B-11(FF) RB,SB FC,FCB Tac-1 RM-1 Rac-3 D-3 4 L/S/O. Transmit a 3rd Alarm @22:30 3rd Alarm E-58,40,8,35,7(Comm) L-36 Act. 43,154 Act. 16,35s/c,14s/c B-16 B-14(Staging) Mask Car-10 Car-22F FC per D-3 4 L/S/O. Pockets of fire between 1st & 2nd fl. DWH @22:54 FC s/c 2 additional truck companies @22:58 FC per Car 10. PWH @21:17 Relocations: Engine 259 Act. Engine 53 Engine 292 Act. Engine 91 Engine 3 Act. Engine 40 Engine ?? Act. Engine 58 Ladder 36 Act. Ladder 43 Ladder 56 Act. Ladder 43 Ladder 44 Act. Ladder 22 Ladder 154 Act. Ladder 16 Ladder 136 Act. Ladder 16 Ladder 117 Act. Ladder 14 Battalion 4 Act. Battalion 8 Battalion 52 Act. Battalion 11″

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