Arrival Video: Two Alarm Dwelling Fire in Newark, New Jersey

Arrival video footage of Newark, New Jersey Firefighters operating at a 2nd Alarm Dwelling Fire.  The video was posted by Skyler Fire and description is below.

“**Pre-Arrival** Footage Newark Fire Dept. Working 2nd Alarm Vacant House Fire on North 6th Street with First Due Apparatus Responding Around 2250 Hours NFD was dispatched to North 6th Street for Report of a fire on the front of a house. Upon Arrival of Engine 15 reported Heavy Fire 1st Floor of a Vacant 2.5 Frame. 2nd Alarm transmitted by Engine 15…. 7 L/S/O 1st Alarm E15 E7 E9 E28 L7 L11 L5 B3 B2 D1 R1 B6 with Mobile Command Unit 2nd Alarm E6 E11 E10 E5 L6 L8 B1 B2 B4 Special Call E19 with MSU L4 B5 Watch Line E5 L10 Cover Assignments 1st Battalion E26 L12 3rd Battalion E13 (Suppose to be Belleville Engine & Montclair Truck) 4th Battalion E29 E27 (Suppose to be a Irvington Ladder) 5th Battalion E16 E14”

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