Boston Audio of 9-Alarm fire “Mayday” transmitted

Posted: 03/26/2014

Earlier today Engine 33 transmuted a “Mayday” being trapped in the basement. Here is the Audio of that transmission.


  1. how long did they beg for water

    • Jesus …….have some compassion…….do you really think they didn’t try to get them out?

    • Angela this is not the time to second guess the work of the brotherhood, this is the time to stand united and mourn as one. We don’t fault, we were not there and we all know how very hard this job can be. I am sure everyone gave 110% in that moment. Lets remember the fallen and let them rest knowing we have the watch.

    • Angela how dare you question the response of the bravest in Boston…. The BFD did the impossible yesterday….. They contained that fire to one building on a day with 30 mph winds….. The mbers of engine company 13 needed to be told repeatedly not to go back in ( not heard)and if you listened to the whole thing there were other companies that had to be told the same….. Let’s not forget that less than a year ago these two men ran toward a double bombing on Boylston St. Let’s not forget that their brothers did too and all of them would have traded places with them yesterday…. Incident command did the right thing calling all companies out…. We in Massachusetts all remember the loss the Worcester fire department suffered a decade ago…. And again last year when a building collapsed killing two…. How about you question why they aren’t paid well enough for the sacrifice they are fully aware they make make….. For the danger they face….. It’s been 8 years since Boston lost two firefighters in one fire…. Get your head out of your ass!!!! They don’t abandon each other….

    • Angela, are you a firefighter or ff wife??? No? Then stop!!!! You have no idea what’s its like

    • Very difficult to listen to as welll at the comments posted previously. For those of you who do NOT understand….our firefighers have a “MOMENT” to make a decision, as we can sit back and ponder a decision tht is needed. They have one second to make a decision not knowing what they are facing, not knowing what is inside, tntering blind I would say. Thank you firefighters/dispatch. Duties are not unnoticed, with this individual for sure. Both children are fighterfighters as well as many friends. You are appreciated.

  2. Raymond Kriegelstein

    RIP Brothers… From the Seneca Falls Vol Fire Dept, Seneca Falls NY

  3. RIp brothers….. From Union Road VOl. Fire Department, Gastonia, NC

  4. Outstanding job done by the dispatcher relaying the messages.

  5. this is incredibly tragic. Life can change in an instant. RIP brother. Buffalo fire dept.

  6. So horrible to listen too.

  7. Rip Brothers Niles Fire Dept ,Niles IL

  8. RIP Brothers……. from Rocky Grove VFD, Rocky Grove PA.

  9. No words…. RIP Brothers

  10. RIP BROTHERS from L-A Fire Department Lowell,Ohio

  11. May God Bless you..Rest in Peace Brothers..From the Darlington County Fire District, Hartsville SC….

  12. Rip brothers from your fellow brothers and sisters at WFD37 Windsor PA

  13. Five Five Five RIP BROTHERS

  14. Rip brothers from Harlan Township, OH

  15. R.I.P. brothers from Knoxville Fire Department. (Knoxville, Tennessee)

  16. RIP Brothers, We will take it from here. Dispatcher did a great job it is hard to sit on that side of the radio knowing that there are men out there in the field who needs help. I know I have been there. My thoughts and prayers are with the fire department and dispatch center. FF1 Ame, Tavares, FL

  17. Outstanding Job by the fire dispatcher. May the fallen rest in peace and God watch over their families.


  19. To the families of the fallen, I listened to this and I feel like I invaded your privacy. I pray you never hear these tragic events, these men died with courage and bravery. God bless them and the entire Boston Fire Dept.

  20. Laurie MacGregor

    RIP, God Bless… and that Dispatcher… can not imagine

  21. RIP brothers..from the Northern Stone Northeast Barry County vol. Fire Protection District… SW Missouri

  22. Rip brothers from fdny

  23. R.I.P. Brothers from Jackson Fire Dept (Jackson, Al)

  24. RIP Brothers..from the Willow Grove Fire Company, Willow Grove, Pa.

  25. very sad

  26. Today we all mourn the loss of two brothers.
    Rest in Peace, we have watch now.

    Farrington Volunteer Fire Department, Glenn Allen, Virginia

  27. Prayers to the families and brothers in Boston….from Reading Fire,Reading Pa.

  28. Rest easy brothers ….. Newberry Township Fire Department 31 … Newberrytown Pa.

  29. Steve McCullough

    Every chief officers nightmare. 32 years in the fire service and so grateful I never had this type of situation. My thoughts and prayers not only for the families, but the rest of the department as well.

  30. RIP brother from Quebec, canada

  31. R.I.P Brothers from Seneca Vol.Fire Dept. Seneca,PA.

  32. RIP brothers East Side Fire Department Albemarle NC

  33. heart breaking to listen to. RIP from the US Army.

  34. Rest in peace 33 p Williams Neptune fire station 4

  35. R.I.P Brothers from Greenville Fire & Rescue, Greenville NC

  36. Rest in peace brothers….Speedway Fire Department, Speedway IN.

  37. RIP, your at home with God

  38. RIP BROTHERS from a former firefighter

  39. RIP brothers. We’ll take it from here.
    -from Dandridge, TN

  40. So sad, please don’t go in any fire with a dry line, too dangerous! RIP brothers!

  41. RIP Brothers.

    A few words from Walt Whitman:

    I am the mash’d fireman with breast-bone broken,
    Tumbling walls buried me in their debris,
    Heat and smoke I inspired, I heard the yelling shouts of my comrades,
    I heard the distant click of their picks and shovels,
    They have clear’d the beams away, they tenderly lift me forth.

    I lie in the night air in my red shirt, the pervading hush is for my sake,
    Painless after all I lie exhausted but not so unhappy,
    White and beautiful are the faces around me, the heads are bared of their fire-caps,
    The kneeling crowd fades with the light of the torches.

    Distant and dead resuscitate,
    They show as the dial or move as the hands of me, I am the clock myself.

  42. RIP Brothers from NANTY GLO volunteer fire department NANTY GLO,PA

  43. Sara Mink-Taylor

    Dispatch, fine work. You did everything extremely well and maintained during tremendous stress. To the friends, family, and loved ones of the Brothers lost, may they rest in peace knowing that they gave their all and are truly heroes.

  44. RIP my Brothers. Winston Salem, NC My condolences

  45. RIP brothers , from Waterloo Fire Rescue Ontario Canada

  46. Rest easy brothers from Lancaster City Bureau of Fire. This is only till later.

  47. Jeff Barkley Past Chief

    RIP Brothers, Phoenix Enterprise FD

  48. RIP brothers….. From Woodbury Fire Department, Woodbury NJ

  49. R.I.P Brothers, Bowling Green Fire Div. Bowling Green Ohio

  50. Rest in peace… Listening all the way from Canada.

  51. Go in peace brothers. from Old Monroe fire (old Monroe Missouri)

  52. R.I.P Commuinty Fire Co. Middletown New Jersey

  53. RIP Brothers from the DeSoto Fire Protection District in DeSoto Illinois

  54. Job well done brothers now RIP, thank you for your service. LOS ANGELES city FIRE DEPARTMENT

  55. Jack Schneidwind

    RIP brothers. Schaumburg IL Fire

  56. Jon Battelle, Lieutenant

    Rest In Peace my Brothers.. Prayers out to the family and all of Boston’s Fire Members from myself and the members of the Lafayette Fire Department, Lafayette, NY…!!

  57. Disabled Volunteer Firefighters

    Tragic . May they rest in peace . So very hard to listen to this without tearing up. Prayers to the family’s and to their brother firefighters.

  58. stephen marhafer

    R.I.P. sad retired Worcester Mass Fire…

  59. It chilled me to the bone listening to the radio traffic. My prayers to the 2 men that made the ultimate sacrifice and their families and the Boston FD. 335 my brothers.

  60. rest in peace brothers Waterloo-Grant twp. Fire Dept. Waterloo Indiana

  61. Benjamin Kuzichev

    May God comfort the families and the Boston Fire Dept today as they mourn the loss of two of their bravest. RIP Brothers. (Captain,LAFD)

  62. God speed brothers, we will take it from here. Rest Easy, Trexlertown fire dept. Trexlertown Pa

  63. RIP brothers you are hero’s

  64. RIP Brothers from Ladder42 FDNY


    Horrible and gut wrenching at the same time. So many thoughts go through your mind while listening to this. I would have to agree, not something for the Families to hear. I have a pit in my stomach and although I did not know these Gentlemen (Heroes) personally, there is a bond that we share that will never be broken. On Eagle’s Wings you soar. May your Strength be the Strength that enables your Families to cope. Boston Firefighter Family..

  66. RIP Brothers, Glynn County Fire, Georgia

  67. RIP Brothers Elsmere Fire Company A Delmar, NY

  68. 5555 rest in peace brothers. FDNY Lad-170

  69. Rest easy my brothers. From the East Williamson fire dept in NY

  70. In heavy tears listening. Know well the feeling. God smile on our lost members and embrace their families with love. Detroit Fire.

  71. Sad, prayer to the families and co-workers. RIP

  72. May God bless all involved and the families of those lost. You are in our thoughts and prayers…
    Station 1, Cecilton, MD

  73. Thoughts and prayers for Boston, R.I.P. Brothers. Awesome job Dispatch.

  74. Randy Cookinham Newburyport Fire retired

    Rest in Pease my brothers

  75. RIP Brothers… Clymer Vol. Fire Dept. Clymer,NY

  76. RIP brothers from the Patton Volunteer Fire Company in Patton, PA

  77. Thoughts and prayers to the fallen brothers and their families from Cresson Vol. Fire Department, Station 70, Cresson, Pa., we’ll take it from here

  78. music is distracting when your trying to learn from this!!

  79. RIP Brothers!

  80. Heart Breaking…I’m a civilian who’s heart, prayers, & thoughts are with the Brave men & Their families! Peace be with you, God Bless! Maine

  81. Joseph c Kucharski jr

    R.I.P. Brothers. J Kucharski jr Local 616

  82. R.I.P. our fallen brothers. NLFD New Lisbon volunteer fire. New Lisbon, WI

  83. R.I.P brothers. Pike Twp. Fire Dept. Indianapolis, Indiana

  84. I’m thinking of my son, a Chicago firefighter, such a horrible tragedy! These men are all so brave. God bless each and everyone of you!

  85. This is so sad ! RIP LT. WALSH

  86. Steve-State College

    Rest in peace my brothers..

  87. Rest in Peace!! from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  88. rip brothers from ex chief klein ubfd

  89. Anthony Rodriguez

    Rest in Peace my brothers. Captain Rodriguez CFD

  90. R.I.P Brothers!….From Barneveld-Brigham Fire Department, Barneveld Wisconsin.

  91. God Bless all of you.

  92. Rip From Richlands Fire Rescue in Richlands Va. You all done a great job!!

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