Boston Firefighters dig through ashes to find missing wedding ring

Firefighters show their love and support for their fallen Brother Lt. Walsh.  Kristin Walsh wife of Ed Walsh had only one request to Boston Firefighters, that request was to find her husbands missing wedding ring. Firefighters from Boston Engine 33 and Ladder 15 spent all day tearing up the Firehouse to look for the missing ring. They all new that Lt. Walsh never took off his ring, that led them back to the only place it could be. After hours of sifting through charred debris and soot Boston Firefighters were able to find the missing ring at the last moment. Boston Firefighters rushed to where  Lt. Walsh’s wake was being held and delivered the ring to Kristin Walsh during the middle of the ceremony.

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Boston Globe:

Delivery from ashes for firefighter’s wife

“The firefighters in the Boylston Street firehouse vowed to find it.

A check of Ed Walsh’s left hand found it wasn’t there.

Kelly and Paris suggested a top-to-bottom search of the firehouse, but they found nothing.

“All the guys on 33 and 15 said they were sure Eddie had the ring on his finger when he went into that burning building with Mike Kennedy,” Paris said. “Eddie never took his wedding ring off.”

There was only one explanation: The ring had somehow come off Walsh’s finger in the inferno.

As the days passed, Kelly and Paris helped comfort their friends and colleagues, planned funerals, and counted the days until the Fire Investigation Unit took control of the shell of the building where Walsh and Kennedy died. In District Chief Richard Magee Jr., the firefighters from Engine 33 and Ladder 15 had a special ally in hunting down that ring.

Magee was a teenager 42 years ago when his father, Richard Magee Sr., working out of that same Boylston Street firehouse, on the same Engine 33 that Eddie Walsh and Mike Kennedy were working on, died with eight other firefighters at the Hotel Vendome fire, just a few blocks from last Wednesday’s fatal fire.  Full Story Continued…



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