Brand New BMW Illegally Parked In From Of Hydrant


“A man who ignored a fire hydrant put Boston firefighters at risk Wednesday night. The man who parked his new BMW in front of a fire hydrant slowed the battle to save East Boston homes.
Firefighters were forced to smash the windows and thread the fire hose through the car.
The fire on Lexington Street grew to eight alarms before crews were able to get control. No one was hurt, but nearly three dozen people have to find a new place to live. The man had just bought the BMW and the registration was just two days old. He also got a $100 fine.
“He was mad,” Rafael Henriquez said.
Henriquez is friends with the car’s owner. He watched as firefighters busted through the windows to hook their hose onto the hydrant.
“I wanted to cry for him,” Henriquez said. “Of course he brought that on himself.” Full Story Continued….



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