BREAKING- (UPDATED) Two Firefighters Critically Injured when Ladder Makes Contact with Power Lines

Article from Arlington Cardinal:

“Two Taylor County firefighters were seriously injured from an electric shock Thursday while on an assignment to help the Campbellsville University band conduct an ALS ice bucket challenge. The firefighters were moving the apparatus into transport mode or lowering the bucket after the event when an electric power arc occurred with nearby power lines that struck the bucket or firefighters Tony Grider and Alex Quinn directly. The ladder apparatus did not come in direct contact with the power lines. Two other firefighters, Steve Marrs, 37, and Alex Johnson, 28, were able to bring the apparatus to the ground. Marrs has been a firefighter for 11 years, Johnson for three years. High voltage lines can cause an electric arc to jump a certain distance via an electric arc to another object or person, which in this case was electricity flowing through air. Air is normally not very conductive, but if the voltage is high enough or humidity conditions are right, an arc will occur. – See more at:


“Three Campbellsville firefighters were injured when a fire truck’s aerial ladder came in contact with a main power line at Campbellsville University at 11:42 A.M. on Thursday, Aug. 21, police said.

According to reports from WHAS11’s Reed Yadon, two firefighters were airlifted to University of Louisville Hospital and another firefighter was treated at Taylor Regional Hospital.

U of L Hospital sources confirm that one firefighter remains in critical condition, while the other has been upgraded from serious condition to fair. Both victims are currently being treated in the hospital’s  burn unit. A third injured firefighter was treated at Taylor Regional Hospital with unknown injuries.

According to the president of Campbellsville University, Michael Carter, the marching band was being sprayed with water, for an “ice bucket challenge” by the Campbellsville Fire Department on one of the university’s athletic fields.

Tyler Arterburn, resident director at the university, said there will be a prayer vigil at Stapp Lawn on campus at 7 p.m.

Power was out for a brief time in Campbellsville, but has since been restored.

Campbellsville University released the following statement on their website; it reads in part: Campbellsville University is asking for prayers for two Campbellsville/Taylor County Fire Department firefighters who have been seriously injured on the campus of Campbellsville University.

“We express heartfelt sympathy and prayers for the families of the two firefighters who were injured,” Dr. Michael V. Carter, president, said.”


WHAS11 is following the story and will bring you more information as it becomes available.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.12.34 PM

Photo Taken Shortly Before the Incident Occurring  (Photo – Tyler Arterburn)


“Several Campbellsville-Taylor County firefighters have been reported injured after an training incident near the campus of Campbellsville University.

According to radio stations WCKQ-WGRK, four firefighters have been injured and two of those injuries are said to be critical. Reports are at least one of the injured firefighters has been flown to University of Louisville Hospital for treatment. 

Power was reported out across a wide area, but is starting to be restored slowly. 

Via Twitter, Campbellsville University says no students were injured in the incident. A prayer service has been scheduled for 7 p.m. on the university campus.

Officials have scheduled a press conference for 4 p.m. at the Campbellsville-Taylor County Fire Department.

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