Car Jacking Suspect Shoots at Baltimore Fire Department Commander Who Witnessed The Suspect Get Into Vehicle Crash

A Baltimore City Fire Commander witnessed a vehicle crash and stopped to assist.  While approaching the scene the Fire Commander was shot at by a suspect who had just recently stolen the vehicle at gunpoint from a woman and her child.  More on the story below from  No matter the situation this day and age our heads always need to be on a swivel and we need to watch each others backs.  Be careful out there.

“Police have arrested and charged a suspect who carjacked two victims and fired shots at a Baltimore City Fire Commander.

The woman informed authorities that she parked her car on Fayette Street and was in the process of taking her 5-month old grandson out of the car when the suspect entered her vehicle. 

The man pointed a handgun at the victim. She was able to safely remove her grandson from the car before the suspect drove off.

Shortly after stealing the vehicle, the gunman was involved in a crash at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Pratt Street. A Baltimore City Fire commander saw the crash and came over to help. 

The commander was driving a marked Baltimore City Fire Department SUV. The suspect then fired his gun multiple times at the fire commander before running away from the location.”

“Baltimore Police have identified Michael Awosika, 38, as the suspect. Awosika has been charged with attempted murder, carjacking, assault, robbery, theft, and several gun related charges.”…More on the story here

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