Close Call in Tulsa Oklahoma After Balcony Collapse at Apartment Fire

Article from KTUL.COM

The balcony collapse occurs at the 0:42 second mark. It appears they were conducting overhaul and the second floor balcony fell apart and struck three firefighters. We don’t have much information on this video, it sounds like three firefighters had minor injuries. We hope for a quick and speedy recovery.

According to the Tulsa Fire Department, three firemen were burned while trying to fight the fire at Deerfield Estates apartment complex. Two of the firefighters were injured when a balcony fell on top of them. The other firefighter was hurt when an apartment ceiling collapsed on top of him. They are being treated at local hospitals and are expected to recover.

12 families have been displaced as 12 apartment units were damaged. Eight of those 12 units are a total loss.

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Tulsa Oklahoma Fire Department_balcony collapse

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