Close Call Video-Firefighter Stranded on Roof of Commercial Fire

Check out this Close Call Video of a firefighter stranded on the roof for over 2 minutes. Im not sure where this commercial fire is at or when it was filmed. But definitely could be used as a good training video. Thanks to Much Levesque for capturing this video!

View more photos and videos of this incident at the Fire Critic


  1. That was just pure stupidity, he could have simply jumped to the garage roof which would have bought him way more time. He could have also jumped from the lower section or grab the gutter, and had a 4 ft. drop. Again it’s stupid moves like he pulled that ends up getting himself or others hurt or killed, and in turn a bunch of pencil pushers come up with new SAFER ways of doing the job. What a idiot.

  2. My first thought… Why is he alone?

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