Detroit Firefighter Injured While Fighting Fire At Henry Ford Hospital Property 6/22/2014


DETROIT (WXYZ) – “A fire fighter has been hurt responding to a building owned by Henry Ford Hospital as it went up in flames.

Now Arson investigators are working to find out if someone set the fire on purpose.

It didn’t take Detroit Firefighters long to get to the fire at Ferry Park and Sterling on Detroit’s west side.

But the quick response – didn’t mean an easy job.

The building was actually secured. The made it hard for firefighters to get in. By the time they did the fire had spread and then the floor collapsed.

One fire fighter found out when he took a step in the dark, debris filled building and found out nothing was there. His leg was injured in the fall.   Full Story Continued…

Photo Credit: WXYZ.COM

Photo Credit: WXYZ.COM

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