East Cleveland Not Paying Health Insurance Premiums but Still Taking Money Out of Firefighters Checks

Firefighters in East Cleveland, Ohio say that the City is failing to pay the premiums on their health insurance but continues to take  the money used to pay those premiums out of their checks.  When ABC 5 went to the Mayors office to ask him about this issue he refused to talk to reporters.  Here is more from ABC 5 in Cleveland.  Video is at the bottom.

ABC 5 – EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – East Cleveland has been in fiscal emergency since 2012. The city’s finances are on life support. But, now the East Cleveland firefighters who put their lives on the line daily said they have their own emergency.

“We are at a point where we are tired of it,” said Tom Buth President of East Cleveland Firefighters IAFF Local 500. 

According to Buth, money is being taken out of their paychecks, but there is a problem.

“When membership came to me and said ‘what’s going on, I am getting all of these bills for thousands of dollars?’ I said, I will look into it. I come to find out that the city is not paying the premium portions of our health care, but taking it out of our payroll,” said Buth.

Multiple sources confirm that it is not just firefighters affected, but other city workers too.

Newsnet5.com went to East Cleveland City Hall looking for answers. East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton refused to speak with us…Continue Reading Here





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