Extensive Pre-Arrival Video From Getzville New York House Fire

Getzville, NY and mutual aid companies make an aggressive attack on a 2-story dwelling fire. WGRZ.com reports fire started on rear deck. Crews make an initial interior attack approximately 4 minutes after forcing entry on front door. It appears companies left the front door open until interior attack made with first line. It appears fire developed into a well involved fire. Companies were pulled from the house and defensive operations were performed. Were not taking sides on this and it looks like companies on scene worked aggressively to extinguish this fire within 20 minutes.

With all the flow path and talk what are your thoughts?

Getzville New York Fire Department

Defensive operations:

Tower ladder operations


  1. Bad tactics leaving the front door open and breaking any windows! As soon as the decision was made not to go in without a handline the door should have been shut. I agree with opening it to take a REAL quick look for victims near it but then shut it ASAP! And the delay in getting water to the handline ugh!!!

  2. The person that is wearing the white hat turn it in. Your a dumb ass. What were you thinking open a door and give the fire just what it needs. Turn in your pretty car go back to fire class 101 and learn how to fight a fire.

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