Fire Videos Fireground Audio: Buffalo, New York 2nd Alarm Fire In a Taxpayer, Multiple Residents Transported to Area Hospitals

Here is a video of a 2nd alarm fire in a taxpayer in Buffalo, NY. Originally came in as a A/C unit on fire, but on arrival crews found the second story to be involved. It was reported that multiple residents were transported to area hospitals, no word on their condition. The video is by Erie County New York Incidents and the description is below:

“North Buffalo Crews alerted for a possible A/C fire. 2nd caller reported fire on 2nd floor and a Full Assignment was toned out. E38 & B-47 arrive on scene 2 story Tax Payer 150×75 with fire in the 1-2 corner. Engine 38 making an exterior attack just before making entry. PD assist residents exit bldg. B-47 asks for extra 2 & 1, then B-56 requests balance of 2nd Alarm. Fire contained to 1-2 corner of 2nd floor. Multiple residents transported to area Hospital(s).
4 -1¾” Lines in use
ON Scene:
Engines: 38, 36, 34, 26, 33, 19
Trucks: 13, 7, 4, 14, 6 FAST, Rescue 1
Chiefs: B-47, B-44 & B-56
Support Staff: F-20, 40, 9, 8 11, 72, & C-1
Damages: $ 450K
9-8-2015 – Time Out: 02:03 hrs”

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