Fireground Audio: FDNY Battling a 2 Alarm Church Fire in Brooklyn

Video of the fireground audio of a church fire in Brooklyn, NY.  The video was posted by NYC Fire Audio and description is below.

“Fire Location: 1665 Broadway Fire in a Church Maybe: E-233,Sq252,222,277,214s/c L-176,112,111(Fast),120s/c B-37,28 R-2 Sq-288 D-15 Rac-2 B-37 All Hands extra 1&1 D-15 2nd Alarm 2 additional trucks above the 2nd Alarm @11:41 2nd Alarm (Maybe) E-227,231,286,332(Comm) E-207 w/ Sat. 6 L-135,175s/c,?s/c,103s/c,140s/c B-38(RUL) B-57(Safety) RB,SB FC,FCB Tac-1″

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