Fireground Audio: FDNY Battling a 2 Alarm Church Fire in Brooklyn

Fireground audio of FDNY battling a 2 Alarm church fire in Brooklyn.  The video was posted by NYC Fire Audio and description is below.

“B-37 gave the 10-75 Fire in a church L-176(Fast) B-37 All Hands extra 1&1 E277/L124 E-222,217,218,214,277s/c L-112,111,176(Fast),124s/c B-37,28 R-2 Sq-252 D-11 Rac-2 2nd Alarm E-233,237,234,332(Comm) E-207 w/ Sat. 6 L-123 L-102(Fast)s/c B-38(RUL) B-35(Safety) RB,SB FC,FCB Tac-1 CTU Car-7,12A Relocations: Engine 221 Act. Engine 216 Engine 279 Act. Engine 226 Engine 248 Act. Engine 227 Engine 226 Act. Engine 214 Engine 220 Act. Engine 217 Ladder 174 Act. Ladder 113 Ladder 118 Act. Ladder 176 Battalion 40 Act. Battalion 37”

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