Video and Fireground Audio: FDNY Companies Battle 3 Alarm Fire in Manhattan, NY Next Door to the Firehouse

Firegound audio posted by NYC Fire Audio and description is below.

“Address: 144 West 19th St. between 6th & 7th Ave. Sizeup: 6 Story 50×40 Class 3 MD Location of fire: Top floor into the cocklot & through the roof Box timeout: 15:36 E-3: 10-75 the box. Information to follow. It’s next door to the Firehouse. – 15:37 TL-7 FAST B-7: We got fire on the top floor. – 15:38 B-7: “Urgent” – Transmit a 2nd Alarm. We got heavy fire. – 15:39 B-7: 1 L/S, we do not have water on the fire at this time. – 15:42 B-7: Water on the fire, searches in progress. – 15:43 B-7: We have fire on the top floor through the roof. – 15:45 D-1: We have fire in the cockloft. – 15:52 D-1: 3 L/S, 2 L/O, trucks opening up, DWH. – 15:59 D-1: Transmit a 3rd Alarm – Staging at 7th Ave & West 17th St. – 16:01 FC: Per D-1, transmit a 10-41 code 1. – 16:13 FC: Per Car 7, 4 L/S, 3 L/O, AVFKD, trucks are still opening up checking for pockets of fire. DWH. – 16:23 FC: Under Control . – 16:44 Incident duration: 1 Hour & 9 min. All Hands: E-3, 14, SQ-18, 1 L-12, 3, 7F B-7, 6 R-1 SQ-1 D-1 Rac-1 2nd Alarm: E-16, 5, 24, 34 L-5, 20 B-2, 8 RUL, 1 Safety FC, SB, RB, TSU-1, CTU E-9 w/ Sat. 1 Car-36B, 7 3rd Alarm: E-26, 65, 21, 54 L-24, 9 B-9, 4 Staging, 33 Air Recon E-263 Comm. Car-12B, 22E Relocations: E-7 to E-1 E-39 to E-54 E-74 to E-24 E-292 to E-14 E-211 to E-5 L-108 to L-3 L-123 to L-24 SQ-288 to R-1 B-16 to B-8 B-31 to B-2 B-40 to B-4″

Below is video of the Fire posted by THEMAJESTIRIUM1

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