Fireground Audio: Great Audio of a 2nd Alarm Fire in Jersey City, New Jersey With a Mayday Broadcasted

Great fireground Audio of a structure fire in Jersey City, NJ. A mayday was transmitted during this incident and was quickly handled. Four firefighter were injured during the incident, we were not able to obtain the status of those firefighters. We will try to keep you up dated on their condition, but until then we are hoping for a speedy recovery. Click HERE for a related news article. The video was posted by news working description below:

“Fireground Audio of a MayDay in Jersey City, NJ. where 3 firefighters were removed and treated by EMS.

You can hear the Mayday at the 15:30 mark in the audio.

Box 647 00:02 22 Clinton Avenue

1st Alarm:
Squad 4, Engines 10, 8, 22, Ladder 12, Tower Ladder 4, Battalion 4, Deputy 1 and Rescue 1.

Working fire signal: Battalion 2, Engine 9 Tower Ladder 6, Battalion 1 (safety officer)

2nd Alarm:
Engine 17, 19, 15 and Ladder 11

Audio provided by Broadcastify”


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