Fireground Audio: Toronto, Canada 3rd Alarm and Mayday

Video of the fireground audio at a recent 3 Alarm Fire with a Mayday in Toronto, Canada.  The video was posted by Hooks & Halligans Fire Photography and description is below.

“Toronto, Ontario Canada, March 25, 2018: Just before 06:00 hours crews were dispatched for a residential fire at 703 Dupont Street. Chief 34 arrived and reported flames visible from a two-story semi-detached residential home. A 2nd alarm was struck due to exposure to 701 Dupont Street and hand-lines were advanced into both. 701 and 703. Pumper 312 was established R.I.T. (Rapid Intervention Team). a third line was taken into 705 as fire extended to that residence as well. Fire was spreading through these structures and was in the roofs as crews worked to vent. An urgent message was sent out for fire in the basement compromising the floors. Around 06:40 hours ( 11:25 in the video)Pumper 426 called a mayday for a firefighter who had fallen off the roof. It is not clear whether Pumper 426 was part of the crew with the downed firefighter, or if they just witnessed the incident. A 3rd Alarm was automatically sent to the fire. R.I.T. was deployed to assist the downed firefighter. After about 15 minutes the downed firefighter was transported to hospital by EMS, and is reported to be in stable condition.”

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