Fireground Video And Audio Of A Single Family House Fire With Wires On Fire In Front Of The Building

This video shows crews working on a single family house fire with power lines down in the front yard. You can see in the video the wires above the heads of the crew is on fire, and lots of arcing going on around them. Emergency traffic is called and the fire is handled with the master stream from the engine. This is a great video that shows two angles of the fire, one from the crew’s perspective and one from farther away. This video is by StocktonFireHistory and a description is below:

“This video was captured at a working structure fire Monday November 2, 2015 on Channel Street. Multiple perspectives and radio traffic are included and have been edited for this video. This is the third time this year Stockton Firefighters have been to a working structure fire at this address. Firefighters arrived on scene to heavy fire, and conducted a defensive operation to quickly extinguish the fire. There were no injuries.”

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