Good Video Footage of a Storage Shed Facility Fire in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Good video footage of a storage shed facility fire in Maryland.  The video was posted by Mark Brady and description is below.

“At around 11:15 am, Tuesday, February 23, Firefighter – Medics were alerted to a commercial building fire. Fire/EMS units responded to the Fort Knox Self Storage facility at 15444 Depot Lane in Upper Marlboro and arrived to find smoke showing from the rear portion of the long 2-story building. Upon further investigation firefighters found several self-storage lockers on fire on the first level extending up to the second level. A 2nd Alarm was requested as firefighters fought a significant fire that now involved dozens of various sized storage lockers on both levels.  

Storage lockers were found to contain a multitude of items but primarily loaded with furniture, coxes of clothes, paper products, etc. One locker had a car inside others with mechanical equipment, work tools and lawn mowers. At least 2 small explosions were heard during the firefight that demonstrates the dangers of fighting fires in storage facilities; you never know what’s inside of them. The explosions did not cause any further damage. Some firefighters were evaluated on the scene for possible injuries; however, no one was transported due to injury.

Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor arrived on the scene shortly after the 2nd Alarm was sounded. He requested a 3rd Alarm bringing additional firefighters to the scene to assist with overhaul and extinguishment. There were about 40 fire/EMS units on the scene and 105 firefighters and medics. It required about 2 hours to bring the fire under control. The contents of several dozen storage lockers were destroyed with others sustaining water and smoke damage.

Crain Highway, Route 301, had the southbound lanes closed during the fire as hose lines were stretched across the road and numerous pieces of apparatus and support vehicles were parked along both shoulders.

As a matter of standard operating procedure all firefighters are processed through a wellness and rehab area after working on the fire ground. Medics monitor firefighters vitals signs and once within normal limits firefighters are returned to duty. Two firefighters demonstrated signs of hypertension and were transported to a hospital for additional evaluation.

Prince George’s County Fire Investigators have concluded their work and have classified this fire as accidental. A candle fell behind a worktable in one of the lockers. Attempts to extinguish the fire delayed notification to 911. Fire loss is estimated at $400,000.”


Maryland_Video_Upper Marlboro_Storage Shed Fire_

Maryland_Video_Upper Marlboro_Storage Shed Fire_

Maryland_Video_Upper Marlboro_Storage Shed Fire_

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