Helmet Cam and Audio from Back to Back Well involved Structure Fires In Stockton California.


Great video out of Stockton, Ca showing SFD responding to two back to back well involved structure fires. The first structure was an abandoned home with multiple layers of plywood on the front door making it difficult for crews to initiate an interior attack. Crews performed a transitional attack while waiting for forcible entry to gain access to the home. SFD arrived on the second structure fire to find heavy fire showing from the front of the structure. Crews did a great job making an aggressive fire attack, and it was all caught on helmet cam from the first due company. This video was posted by StocktonFireHistory Originals a channel created to cover the videos and incidents of the Stockton Fire Department. The videos are professionally edited and great quality. Check out the channel and see brothers going to work!! Here is the description of the video from the channel:

“Welcome to our new channel ‘StocktonFireHistory Originals.’ This channel will only publish content that is created, captured, or provided by Stockton Firefighters. StocktonFireHistory claims rights to the entirety of these videos; and they are to be used for public awareness, training, or educational only. Thanks! On December 6th, 2018, Stockton Firefighters responded to a working structure fire. Crews arrived on scene to heavy fire from a small boarded up structure. Suppression operations were delayed by forcible entry needs. The fire was extinguished quickly upon entry. As firefighters ‘cleared’ the first fire, 9-1-1 callers reported a second fire within a few blocks of the fire. Firefighters, staff, Division of Training, and The Fire Chief arrived on scene quickly and went to work. This fire was heavily involved front room of a single story, single family dwelling. Video capture from the first-in engine shows the hose pull, entry, and near entirety of the firefight. Stockton Firefighters work tirelessly to protect the community and each other. We are proud to serve the citizens and City of Stockton, California.”

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