Helmet Cam Footage: Things Get a Little Warm in Richmond, California

Things get a little warm in Richmond, California today at an apartment fire.  The video was posted by Marc Lucero and description is below.

“Video Shot with GoPro Hero 4. June 16th 2015, Richmond California Engine Co. 67 Captain Marc Lucero arrive first on scene of a two story apartment building with a working fire on the second floor. Immediately told there was someone inside trapped Captain’s Marc Lucero and Victor Bontempo perform a search with the rooms flash over and it is time to get out. The hose line was being stretched at the same time the search was being performed. I think the video speak for it self as the camera lights up and catches the flames above the Captain Lucero and then capture Captain Victor Bontempo exiting the back left bedroom. Mike Rodriguez quickly comes in with a charged 1 3/4 inch line.”

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