Helmet Cam Video and Fireground Audio of a Dwelling Fire in Stockton, CA

Helmet Cam Video’s and Foreground audio of Stockton, CA Firefighters battling a dwelling fire.  The video was posted by  StocktonFireHistory and description is below.

“Stockton Firefighters responded to multiple reports of a structure fire on August 13th, 2016 in the 2000 block of South San Joaquin Street. The first alarm assignment arrived on scene to fire in both units of the duplex, in the attic, in the back yard, and spreading to an adjacent structure (C exposure). Engine 2 pulled an attack line, flowing water to the rear of the structure and transitioning to an interior attack. A second line was pulled to the rear of the structure as the Fire Attack crew knocked down the interior flames. The Vent crew cut two holes, but encountered unusual (layered) construction when trying to break through.

The fire audio is not necessarily synchronized to the timing of the video. This video has been edited and text added. The final photo was altered using the app Prisma.

We thank you for your views, support, feedback, and comments. Comments that contain profanity, incite controversy, or are intended to ‘troll’ will be deleted. This video is intended to educate the public on what Stockton Firefighters must encounter- not host a platform for people to argue about personal issues or the fire service.

The Stockton Fire Department consists of 12 firehouses and responds to 38,000 calls annually; averaging approximately 400 working structure fires a year.

Stockton Firefighters are proud to serve and protect the citizens and City of Stockton, CA.”

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