Helmet Cam Video and Fireground Audio of a Dwelling Fire in Stockton, CA

Video and Fireground Audio of a dwelling fire in Stockton, California.  The video is from helmet cameras with the audio added to the videos.  As always a well put together video posted by StocktonFireHistory.  Description of the fire is below.

“Engine 9 was dispatched to an outdoor fire on April 24th, 2016 in the area of San Joaquin and Oak. While en route, dispatch ‘completed the assignment’ when further reports stated a structure was involved.
This structure is one of three vacant, two-story, Victorian apartment buildings that neighbor each other and have one shared back yard.
This is at least the 6th fire in these buildings in less than 3 years. Stockton Firefighters continue to commit an aggressive interior attack to save the possible life within. 
Stockton Firefighters committed to an aggressive interior attack before changing to a defensive operation. The wind driven fire was extinguish quickly; one firefighter was injured while completing defensive water-tower operations. 
The Stockton Fire Department consists of 12 firehouses and responds to 38,000 calls annually; averaging approximately 400 working structure fires a year.
Stockton Firefighters are proud to serve and protect the citizens and City of Stockton, CA.”

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