Helmet Cam Video of a FF Who Gets Too Close to Power Lines That are Down

A Video posted to youtube on October 2, 2014 by Rance Richardson appears to show a firefighter that may have got too close to some downed power lines and his Company Officer backed him off a bit after they popped.  Its a little unclear to see on the video but there is a pop.  We are not sure if its related to getting too close or they were just popping.  Either way we thought this was some neat helmet cam footage.  Description posted below.  We are not exactly sure where this fire occurred.  

“Im putting this video up too show it is very easy too get tunnel vision. This fire was in my rookie year in the middle of summer. It was a small house behind a apartment building. I was told too keep the fire back off the apartment building while the second crew pulled a line too attack the fire. You will notice the power line that has fallen down along the stairs and into the bush that was growing. Myself or the crew behind me did not notice the wire either. I brush against the wire with my shoulder and it pops and flashes in the video clearly. My captain then pulled me and the LT behind me back until the power is shut off. Thanks for watching and I hope every can remember too always check around you constantly on a fire ground and too look for down power lines.”


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