Helmet Cam Video-Firefighter Falls Through Floor And Removed By Roof Ladder On 12/22/2014

Raw helmet cam video of house fire on December 22, 2014 in Montgomery County Maryland. The helmet cam video comes from one of the members on RS742. It is unclear at what point the Mayday was transmitted from the other company, at approxamitlely the five minute mark members from RS742 locate the firefighter that fell through the floor. Members from the engine company used a hardline to cool the down firefighter and surround area. At about the eight minute mark a roof ladder was lowered down and he was able to climb out. Nice job to all  at this incident for locating the firefighter, calling the mayday and removing him. This is why we train!
Video Published on Dec 26, 2014 by Brett Russell

“12/22/14 Montgomery County, MD Box 15-14
Basement Fire with MAYDAY

Firefighter Mayday_Helmet Cam Video_Video_images

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