Interesting Video: San Diego Firefighters assisting the water Dept. After a Semi Hit a Fire Hydrant

Interesting video of Firefighters assisting the Water Dept. After a Semi Hit the Hydrant.  The video was posted by 911 VIDEO NEWS and Description is below.


“INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 10-24-18 1:44pm LOCATION: 2600 blk of Sports Arena Blvd. CITY: San Diego DETAILS: A large semi-truck hit a fire hydrant and knocking it off. Water was shooting 25-30 feet into the air and hitting overhead power lines. Up 3 vehicles parked in some type of Airport Parking lot had their windows broken by pieces of asphalt, cement, and rocks that were sent flying into the air. One large piece of asphalt missed a firefighter by a few feet. The water was finally shut off approx 40 minutes after it started. The entire block was shut down to traffic during this event.”

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