Line of Duty Death: Philadelphia Firefighter Dies Battling Dwelling Fire After Collapse

We regret to report that ABC Philadelphia is reporting the Line of Duty Death of a Philadelphia Fire Department Lieutenant. has been monitoring the blaze in North Philly this morning after a Mayday was called and a reported two members became trapped.  This is a developing situation and our thoughts and prayers are with the members of the Philadelphia Fire Department and any injured Firefighters family.  We will update as we get it.  This was confirmed during an afternoon news conference.  We apologize for our early report.  We reported only after NBC and ABC had reported it.  We would never report until everything is confirmed by the media.  Again our thoughts and prayers are with the members family, and members of the Philadelphia Fire Department.  RIP Lt. 

NBC Philadelphia

ABC Philadelphia – “A Philadelphia firefighter was killed battling a rowhome fire on the 2200 block of North Colorado Street in North Philadelphia Saturday morning.

Lt. Matt LeTourneau, 42, died after a collapse inside the building.

A civilian also perished in the blaze


One civilian is dead, another is hurt and three firefighters have been injured while battling a house fire in North Philadelphia.

Crews arrived to the scene along the 2200 block of North Colorado Street around 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Upon arrival, they found heavy fire and smoke showing from a row home.“…Continue Reading Here

ABC Philadelphia


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