LODD:Columbia Firefighter Dies in Apartment Complex Collapse


James Packard, KOMU 8 Digital Producer


James Packard, KOMU 8 Digital Producer







Columbia Firefighter dies in apartment complex collapse. This incident is considered to be a LODD, more information to come on investigation results and funeral info.



“COLUMBIA – A Columbia Fire Department firefighter was killed Saturday morning while working on the scene of a structural collapse at University Village Apartments.

The Columbia Fire Department confirmed that Lt. Bruce Britt suffered fatal injuries while working on the scene and was pronounced dead after being transported to University Hospital.

An eyewitness reported that Britt was walking on a partially collapsed, second story balcony when it collapsed completely with him on it.

MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin released the following statement regarding Britt’s death:

“My heart is heavy this morning as my deepest condolences go to the family of the brave City of Columbia firefighter who was fatally injured in the line of duty helping keep the residents of University Village Apartments safe.

“We are grateful that, due to the efforts of this firefighter and others, no residents were injured. My deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who assisted during this emergency.”

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