Firefighter Saves Woman At His Own Wedding

A LA County, CA Firefighter saved the life of one of his guests at his wedding. Firefighter Cody Campbell didn’t hesitate when he saw a woman choking in the middle of his father giving a speech. The woman he saved is doing well and is obviously thankful to Cody for his quick actions. Strong work Brother Campbell!!! The video and article are from ABC7 in Los Angeles.

It’s a day Cody and Kelly Campbell will never forget. The couple became man and wife at a beautiful wedding in Orange County on Saturday.

“It was the most incredible day,” Kelly said. “We had all of our friends and family there, and we couldn’t have asked for a better night.”

At the reception, Cody’s father, Craig Campbell, a retired captain with the Orange County Fire Authority, gave an emotional best man speech, but before he could finish his toast an emergency occurred.

“I heard a couple people yell, ‘My God, she’s choking,'” Craig said. “I happened to turn over to the table over here and witnessed a lady that had a complete airway obstruction.”

Before he could react, Cody, a rookie with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, jumped into action.”(see full article HERE)

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