Multiple Video’s and News Information of FDNY Battling a 5 Alarm Fire in Queens, NY With Reports of Multiple Maydays and 11 Firefighters Injured

The first video was posted by Story time shows some of the fire conditions in the 7 story apartment building in Queens, NY.  Reports indicated there were multiple maydays and up to 11 firefighters injured in the blaze.  Conditions of the Firefighters are unknown at this time.  We hope for a speedy recovery of our brothers.  Description of the fire from this video is below.

“Elmhurst, Queens, New York. Massive fire inside a residential complex. April 11, 2017”

The second video was posted by Matthew Wegner and shows FDNY Companies operating at the 5 Alarm Fire.  Description is below.

BN-46, 10-75, 2nd Alarm on arrival 
L-154 FAST
E-305,325,273,287, L-151,L-163, BN-28 FF BN-49 RUL,BN-52 Safety, E-291/Sat 4, E-263/Comm.,BN-45,R-4,SQ-288, D-14,S-BN,R-BN,TAC,RAC,
D-14, 3rd Alarm + 3 extra trucks, (Staging Junction Blvd. & 56th Ave.)
E-319,286,259,206, L-140,L-135, L-128,L-117,L-152 act.L-138, BN-37 Staging, BN-58 Air Recon, BN-50, MSU,
FC, 4th Alarm
E-271,277,312,274,277, BN-51
FC, SC 1 Eng.,2 Trucks..E-211 act.E-289, L-129,L-143
FC, 5th Alarm, we have Maydays, units being removed from the top floor
E-237,262,229, L-124,L-116, BN-39
19:19..Car 3 to QD..Advise AirRecon that the Drone is up and we are getting good pictures 
19:27..FC, SC 2 BC’s, BN-44,BN-53
19:41..FC, SC 1 TL..TL-142 act.TL-163
FC, SC 1 Truck to releve the FAST truck..L-167
20:47..FC, SC 4 Trucks..L-125,L-115,L-127,L-111 act.L-138
21:00..FC, SC 1 BC..BN-57
21:00..FC, SC SOC Dewatering unit”

The third video was posted by Nfu Harsono and description only gave the location of the fire.


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Dozens of families are displaced after an extra-alarm fire tore through an apartment building in Elmhurst, Queens early Tuesday evening.

The fire started at 6:30 p.m. on the top floor of the building at 56-11 94th St., between 56th and 57th avenues, according to the FDNY.

The FDNY called a second alarm on arrival, and the fire had been raised to five alarms by 7:15 p.m., the FDNY reported.

One firefighter was seem being carried away in a stretcher, and a total of 11 firefighters were treated for injuries fighting the blaze, CBS2’s Valerie Castro reported

An elderly woman was also wheeled away from the scene.

A total of 200 firefighters responded to the scene, and an FDNY drone was also pressed into service.”…Continue Reading Here

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