A video starting to go viral on social media shows Fresno, CA Firefighters rescuing 3 children from a working fire.  Great job goes out to these brothers.  We hope all involved are ok.  The video was posted by CRAZYMEDIA and description is below.

“Watch Dramatic Helmetcam Rescue of 3 Children From Apartment Fire
The Fresno Fire Department released dramatic helmetcam video from an apartment fire in which three children left home unattended were rescued by firefighters.

“The video shows firefighters in the California city battle through flames and smoke as they attempt to locate the children, whose ages range from 1 to 4 years. According to a statement from the department, firefighters were able to locate and remove the kids within four minutes of arrival on the scene.

“The firefighters would say it’s just their job. But to get a rescue of this magnitude is something we really don’t come across every day,” said Agapito Martinez, public information officer for the department.

Martinez says the video contains helmet camera footage from two different firefighters. The rescue came as a surprise to officials, as firefighters were originally called to the scene for reports of smoke in a building, according to Martinez.

The three children were taken to a nearby hospital with critical injuries due to smoke inhalation, according to the statement. No firefighters were injured in the rescue. The Fresno Police Department is investigating why the children were left home without supervision.”

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