Must See: Several Helmet Cameras Capture Firefighting and Rescue Efforts at an Apartment Fire in Cedarhurst, NY

Several helmet cams catch the action at a residential apartment fire in Cedarhurst, NY.  The video was posted by Lcfd Lcfd and description is below.  Firefighters rescue man who was leaning out a window, and the initial response are all caught on camera.

“Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department responding to a building fire at 97 Cedarhurst Ave., Apt 3H, Cedarhurst, NY. LCFD units immediately confirmed a person trapped by fire, hanging out of a window, on the top floor of a 100′ X 200′ multiple dwelling. The victim was eventually located by Capt. James McHugh (R-324 Chauffeur) and assisted down the interior stairs by several other members.”

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