Must Watch Raw Video: Over an Hour of Footage of FDNY Fighting a Bronx 5th Alarm Fire Today (12/17/14)

Lots of footage of todays 5th Alarm Fire in the Bronx.  The video was posted by Acepilot2k7 and description is below.

Watch in “HD”

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FDNY Fighting A Huge 5th Alarm Fire With Heavy Fire & Collapse In 4 Tax Payers On University Ave In The Bronx Between West Burnside Ave & 179th Street. 

10-75 All Hands Assignment:
Engine 43, Engine 75, Engine 42, Engine 46, Engine 48 s/c
Ladder 59, Tower Ladder 33, Ladder 27 FAST Truck, Ladder 56 s/c
Battalion Chief 19, Battalion Chief 17
Squad 41
Rescue 3
Division 7
RAC 3 Spare

2nd Alarm:
Engine 88, Engine 92, Engine 95
Ladder 38
Battalion Chief 27 Safety Officer, Battalion Chief 18 RUL Resource Unit Leader, Battalion Chief 13 Firefighting
Safety Battalion Chief, Rescue Operations Battalion Chief
Field Communications
Tac 1
Engine 72 with Satellite 2

3rd Alarm:
Engine 81, Engine 79, Engine 50, Engine 82
Tower Ladder 44, Ladder 36, Tower Ladder 45 s/c, Ladder 19 s/c, Ladder 49 s/c
Battalion Chief 3 Staging,Battalion Chief 58 Air Recon
Mask Service Unit,
Command Tac.
E-35 Communications Unit 
Car 12B, Car 23, Car 11, Car 1D

4th Alarm:
Engine 45, Engine 93, Engine 67, Engine 71
Tower Ladder 17 s/c, Tower Ladder 54 s/c
Battalion Chief 57 Planning, Battalion Chief 26 s/c
Engine 259 with Planning Vehicle
Car 1C, Car 10

5th Alarm:
Engine 73, Engine 69, Engine 263, Engine 91
Ladder 46, Tower Ladder 31, Ladder 37 new FAST Truck
Battalion Chief 14

E-53 act. E-46
E-297 act. E-50
E-73 act. E-42
E-262 act. E-42 (2nd section)
E-84 act. E-79
E-21 act. E-73
E-76 act. E-43
E-40 act. E-48
E-307 act. E-92
E-62 act. E-75
TL-17 act. TL-33
TL-54 act. TL-33 (2nd section)
TL-14 act. TL-33 (3rd section)
TL-23 act. TL-44
TL-13 act. TL-44 (2nd section)
L-26 act. L-36
L-61 act. L-38
L-25 act. L-37
B-10 act. B-19
B-11 act. B-17

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