Must Watch Video: Kansas City Fire Captain Explains The Conditions When He Escaped From Burning Home

A great video as Kansas City Fire Captain Charley Cashen explains conditions he encountered when he called for a Mayday and narrowly escaped a burning home.  Here is more on the story.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. KSHB – There came a point while battling a massive house fire in South Kansas City Sunday night, Fire Captain Charley Cashen wasn’t sure he’d live.

Cashen’s crew was one of two first on the scene on the frigid January evening. They knew someone was in the basement. And they knew they needed to act fast.

As crews kept water on the house, Capt. Cashen went inside with two other firefighters following to rescue whoever it was in the basement.

As Cashen found his way down to the pitch black, smoke-filled basement, he found himself separated from his guys. He kept going, saying later he knew he might be the only hope for whomever was trapped.

Cashen went through a doorway to his right, feeling around for a body. He ran into a toilet and knew he was in a bathroom. He back tracked out in the main room. At this point, he described a glow from the fire lighting up the big basement room just enough to search for a body. He didn’t see one.

The heat was becoming unbearable. Cashen said he felt as if he was burning up. He radioed command for a line, meaning he needed water in the basement.

It was too hot. He made his way back to the bathroom to take refuge from the heat, and no sooner than he got through the doorway, he says a wall of fire, blowing right to left covered the entire doorway.

He was trapped. He radioed that he was cut off.

“I had to make a decision that – because I felt like I was burning up – I had to get out of there,” he recalled.

He yelled into the radio, “MAYDAY! MAYDAY” and he rushed through the wall of fire.”…Continue Reading Here

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