Pre Arrival Video: Car Fire With Extension To Multi-Family Dwelling in PA. Interesting Citizen Commentary

Raw pre arrival video of a car fire with extension to a multi family dwelling in Harrisburg, PA.  The video was posted by Eric Whitsel and description is below.

“A fire that happened in the morning of 02/22/2015 in Harrisburg, PA. Was shot by a civilian who had also assisted in a rescue of a man having an apparent medical emergency.

Box:36-7 Loc:MANADA CT WHT DAUP XSts:JONESTOWN RD ,DEAD END Event Type:STRUCTURE FIRE RESIDENTIAL MULTI-FAMILY Class: 1 Disp: C35,CH36,CH36-1,E34,E35,E36-1,E36-2,E36-­3,E39,E46,E47,L34,L35,R35,R36-1,R37,T35,­T37,T39,T47,TL2,TL6″

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