Raw Arrival Video: 2 Alarm House Fire in Coplay, PA

Raw arrival video of a 2 Alarm Fire in Coplay, PA on 12/10/14.  The video was posted by newsworking and description is below.

“December 10, 2014 at 23:58 Lehigh County Fire Radio transmitted a box for a house fire at 115 North 9th Street in Coplay Borough sending Coplay Station 5 and Whitehall Engines 3 (LC 3831) and Engine 13 (LC 3811).  

Caller stated that the house was filling with smoke. Minutes later, police arrive and report a working fire.  

Engine 511 arrived with a crew of three and positioned in front of the 1.5-story private dwelling. Whitehall’s Engine 3 was ordered to lay a supply line from 9th and Chestnut Streets and supply water to Engine 511. Command struck the 2nd alarm. 

Two lines were stretched from 511. Interior crews had a tough time accessing the fire above the ceiling on the first floor. Eventually the fire broke through the roof and crews backed out. The elevated water stream from Engine 3 was utilized to darken down the fire. Crews then re-entered the dwelling and made another attempt to hit the fire.  

At this point, the fire rapidly extended throughout the roof area and crews were ordered back out. The elevated master stream was put back in service along with a hand line and was concentrated on the heavy fire load in the roof and attic. 

The bulk of the fire was darkened down in 1 hour and crews remained on scene for several hours hitting hot spots.”

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