Raw Arrival Video: Brooklyn, NY 3 Alarm Fire Last Night

Some more great footage out of NY.  This time the footage is of a 3 Alarm Fire in Brooklyn, NY last night.  The video was posted by Frezemis and description is below.

“Sunset Park Deli of Ny – 2900 Stillwell Avenue
Two story building caught on fire, some said that the second floor was on fire first, All hands on deck was allegedly called assuming there was almost every Engine and Ladder within the area.
This fire happened at around 08:00 PM, 18/12/2014 – 2900 Stillwell Avenue, Right outside Coney Island Station near the B74 bus. I don’t have any information regarding this but I believe there haven’t been any injured as there was a line of stretchers on the other side of the building near McDonalds on the right side and none were taken. I haven’t seen any Ambulance leaving the scene either so I believe no casualty have happened.”

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