Raw Video: 3 Alarm Warehouse Fire in Vancouver, British Columbia

Raw video of a 3 Alarm Warehouse Fire in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The video was posted by mcfdtv and description is below.

“E Hastings St & Campbell Avenue
Vancouver BC.
Rescued Simona Marsh and Greg Pushie who escaped by clinging to a second-floor window ledge. The pair was visiting squatters who were in the building when they were woken up by an explosion on the 1st division around 01:30 a.m. Pacific time. After being rescued the pair was transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation before returning to the scene.

Pushie stated he tried to warn the two others in the building, but he and Marsh did not have time prior to being forced out a second-story window by the smoke and flames.

By the time firefighters arrived around 2:15 a.m. PT the two were hanging outside the window on a ledge. While they could hear the screams of the other woman, and her son, who were trapped inside. “there was virtually no chance the other two would have escaped the fire.””The building is, it is like a maze. If they got out, it would be amazing” 
After the fire was extinguished remains of two individuals were found that went to God. It is believed they are the mother (50) and her adult son (30) but have not been identified. The fire was brought under control around 05:30 PT and extinguished by 07:00 PT.

The building was fenced off and scheduled for demolition.
The cause remains under investigation, but firefighters did not say it appeared suspicious.”

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