31 Minutes of Raw Video: A 4 Alarm Fire in Vancouver with Partial Building Collapse

A youtube video published by technocracy shows raw foreground footage of a large 4 alarm fire in Vancouver Canada.  This video was posted yesterday October 4, 2014.  Reading the description it sounds like this fire may have been on Friday night and that companies were on scene working thru the night on Saturday night.  This was a building under construction with heavy fire conditions.  A very nice detailed description was posted with this video and is posted below.

“In this video you’ll see Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services on scene of a large working structure fire.

Units were initially called for a structure fire and on arrival they found a fully involved 4 or 5 story under construction condo complex.

The calls started coming in around 6:50 pm about a fire at a construction site on Granville Street and W 49th Avenue in Vancouver. Initial units that were dispatched were able to see the large column of thick black smoke that was visible all around the Lower Mainland. Vancouver Battalion Chief 3 made it a working fire before any crews arrived on scene. (See a list of apparatus that responded below).

Once crews arrived on scene they reported a large working structure fire of a 4 or 5 story complex under construction. Fire had originated in the top floor and was spreading quickly. Before crews arrived it had engulfed most of the roof and was spreading to the sides quickly.

On arrival of Battalion Chief 3, he immediately made it a 3rd Alarm Fire as large amounts of crews were required to knock the fire down and prevent exposure of nearby buildings.

Granville Street was quickly shutdown, creating major traffic problems and the Vancouver Police Department were called in for traffic control. British Columbia Ambulance Service was also request for standby.

The fire was quickly upgraded to a 4th Alarm before crews were able to get the fire under control. Security on site had reported that there may be some propane tanks inside the building for construction use.

The roof and sides of the building began to collapse after about an hour and police pushed most spectators back a block or more.

Rehab and Command was set up at Granville Street & W. 49 Ave. Staging was also set up on Granville Street & W. 49 Ave on W. 49 Ave on the North side.

1 Firefighter required EMS after the majority of the fire was knocked down and no other injuries were reported.

The trolly cables for the electric buses were shut down on Granville Street due to the proximity of the fire.

Crews remained on scene during the night and all day on Saturday October 4th. In the late morning of the 4th Granville Street had to be closed to traffic for more than an hour after a large flare up required several units to be brought in to help fight the flare up.

Units on scene were: 

1st Alarm Assignment: Engine 18, Engine 22, Ladder 22, Quint 21, Rescue 17, Battalion Chief 3

Working Fire Assignment: Engine 17, Air Light 13, Battalion Chief 2, Car 73 (Fire Investigator)

2nd Alarm Assignment: Quint 20, Engine 1

3rd Alarm Assignment: Quint 12, Quint 18, Mobile Command / Special Operations, Chief 3, 5, 11, 14

4th Alarm Assignment: Engine 3, Engine 7, Duty Chief

In addition to VFRS, BCAS had 2 supervisors 3 BLS and 1 or 2 ALS cars on scene. VPD had responded with multiple units for traffic and crowd control. Fortis and Hydro were both on scene to deal with the power and gas lines.

I did try to move around and get better footage but the scene was set up oddly and once police moved in I was very limited in where I could go. Also I was going to play some on scene audio over the video but my computers aren’t letting me read my scanner without formatting my SD card, I’m going to try some other things and hopefully I can get it to work.

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