Raw Video Allentown, PA Warehouse Fire: Which Building is it? Unfortunately it’s the big one boss. Battalion 43 Message Received Comm Give Me a Second Alarm

Firefighters in Allentown, PA arrived to find a working fire in a warehouse building.  The video shares radio traffic and video footage from the fire.  The video was posted by newsworking and description is below.

“Allentown box 3155 was transmitted at 22:17 for a structural fire at Railroad and Furnace Streets sending Engines 6, 9, 4, 13 (F.A.S.T.), Truck 2 and Battalion 43 (Captain Kutz) on the ticket. 

Engine 6 arrives and investigates a smoke condition from a large warehouse. Moments later, Engine 6 signals a working fire in a 4-story warehouse.  

The battalion chief arrives and with smoke pushing from upper floor windows he strikes the 2nd alarm bringing with it Engine 10, 14 and Air 1. 

The fire was located and quickly darkened down. The under control time was 23:03. Companies remained on the scene for a few hours overhauling.”

Allentown_Pennsylvania_Warehouse Fire_Raw Video_Audio_

Allentown_Pennsylvania_Warehouse Fire_Raw Video_Audio_

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