Raw Video: Clifton, NJ 3 Alarm Fire

Raw video of a 3 Alarm Fire in Clifton, New Jersey.  The video was posted by tornadochaser66 and description is below.

“Clifton NJ Fire Dept 3rd Alarm 54 Lambert Ave heavy fire in a 2.5 frame private dwelling. Sorry, this is all the footage I got guys, due to and over zealous police sergeant at the scene. Which is a shame, because I really respect the Clifton Police Dept. I’m not going to let one over zealous police sergeant stain my opinion of the rest of the Clifton Police Dept though! I’m too professional to be on his level. The whole incident was all caught on tape though!”

A second video was posted by demonracer2 and their video and description are below.

“LIKE” Me On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Demonracer2?… And Follow Me On Instagram! http://instagram.com/demonracer2_erv Approx. 1330 HRs The Clifton Fire Department Responded TO A 3rd Alarm House Fire At 54 Lambert Ave Facing sub Freezing Temps. also multiple companies were training at the time so Engine 2 Was NOT At Station 2 The Time This Fire Came In. No Word On The FF/PD Injuries ATT. 2-17-15″

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