Raw Video: Fire in a Vacant Commercial Building in the Westlake District of Los Angeles, California

Raw video of crews working at a commercial building fire in the Westlake district of Los Angeles, CA. Video by firelensman description below:

“4-26-2015, Los Angeles, California – Due to a building fire visible on a hillside, L.A. Metro Fire Dispatch was receiving multiple calls for a structure fire in the area of Third Street & Boylston Avenue just west of downtown in L.A.’s Westlake district. Command 22, Battalions 1 and 11, Task Force 3 and Task Force 11 first on scene on the1200 block of Huntley Drive reported a one story vacant commercial building with smoke and fire showing. Shrubbery around the structure was also on fire. Firefighters quickly attacked the fire with handlines, forcing thier way into the building at the end of a cull-de-sac. As flames engulfed the structure and the stability of the building was in question, Firefighters were ordered out of the structure. Firefighters then hit the flames with two ladder pipes and lobbed water on the “L shaped” structure from outside. Fire Companies were also dispatched below the fire on Second Street. The main bulk of fire was knocked down in 40 minutes. There were no reported injuries. There were reports that transients took shelter and drug use took place at that location. The cause of the suspicious midnight blaze is under investigation. – MNR -“

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  1. K12 and ladder pipe to put out the fire Jacob keppler

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