Raw Video From The Incident Command Post With All Radio Communications in Newark, OH at a House Fire

Riding out with the incident commander to a house fire in Newark, Ohio.  The camera is then set up to face the house plus the camera captures all radio communications from inside the command post.  The video was posted by David Decker and description is below.

“February 28, 2015, at 0029 hours Newark Fire Department responded to a report of structure fire at 263 Boyleston Avenue. While responding the dispatcher advised they had received multiple calls reporting fire showing. An off duty fire chief from a neighboring department arrived early and was able to conduct a 360 of the building and provide information regarding the extent of the fire and hazards found. 

NFD responded with 3 engines, 2 ladders, 2 medics and 1 chief officer with a total staff of 19 firefighters. 

This is house is located on a very narrow street, with cars parked on both sides. This makes apparatus placement even more critical. Very low temperatures (-2 degrees) hampered the fire attack. The home was unoccupied and had a large amount of items stored in it, including two rooms that had stacks of tires in them. This slowed the advance into the structure and also hampered extinguishment of the fire. Additionally, power lines had burned off of the back of the house and was laying in the yard. Unfortunately two firefighters were injured during this fire. Thankfully both were minor in nature, however it serves as a reminder of the dangers of the job. 

Special thanks to the members of 1-Unit at Newark Fire Department for their outstanding professionalism.”

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