Raw Video: Heavy Fire at a Towing Company

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Raw video of heavy fire conditions at a towing company.  The video was posted by TacticalPatriot and description is posted below.

“Massive Structure Fire Destroys Building – Tactical Patriot. In this video a massive fire engulfs an entire building and The Tactical Patriot arrives on scene before most Fire Departments and before the mainstream media. It took more than ten Fire Departments to contain this massive fire at a local towing company. You have to watch this video to see the progression of this fire from near the beginning to being totally engulfed in flames. It is completely insane. This video also shows the difference between local Fire Departments and their response and actions of fighting this fire vs. the actions of a Public Safety Department and their inadequacy of firefighting techniques. This video displays the reason to maintain a separate Fire Department and Police Dept. vs. having a Public Safety Department. This massive inferno was said to have started from an electrical fire in the upper portion of the building creating a gigantic fireball coming out from the roof. Special Thank You to all the Firefighters who battled this massive blaze – TacticalPatriot”

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